EQXEL is 100% pure Activated Charcoal from Coconut Shells.

Activated Charcoal is a porous absorbent, known for its ability to trap and remove toxins from the body. Widely used in human medicine, it is a leading treatment for poisoning, overdose, snake bites and much more!
Tasteless, odorless, safe and effective in promoting and maintaining healthy digestion, stool, gums/teeth, skin and coat.

If you have struggled to put weight on your horse, or would like to improve coat condition, rideability, reduce vices, EQXEL may help!
Dog or cat with diarrhea? Excessive gas? Eaten something toxic? Try EQXEL!

A quality food grade powder, EQXEL is a must for all pet owners.

We are looking for EQXEL Associates across Canada and US, contact us for your opportunity!

Now available in the following retailers:

Love Your Pet, highway 43 kemptville, Ontario
Apple Saddlery, Innes Rd. Ottawa, Ontario
Healthy Pets HQ, 420 Bank St. Ottawa, Ontario
The Old Co-op, Roger Stevens Dr. North Gower, Ontario.
Little Critters Pet Shop, Billings Bridge Plaza, Ottawa, Ontario.

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