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Our pets love to surprise us by eating things that may not be good for them, make EQXEL part of their healthy diet.
Horses get their food right from the dirt grazzing most of the day. Dogs love to chase their ball everywhere and what is more fun for a cat than bringing you a lovely mouse!
Bacteria, human food and even pet food they may not be used to, can all cause a sore tummy, gas, diarrhea and make for a very unhappy pet.
EQXEL is a porous absorbent with the ability to trap and remove toxins.

Promote and maintain your pet's healthy digestion, stool, gums, teeth, skin, coat and reduce gas with EQXEL.

When you feel good, you can EQXEL and the same is true for your pets.

Show horses that travel are often exposed to different water, grass and environments. This can cause stress on their sensitive digestive systems, which is a nightmare for any horse owner.
It is amazing to see improved performance, rideability and general temperament,  when your horse feels better.
Healthy digestion, is also an often overlooked contributor to weight gain in hard keepers.

EQXEL  is not a drug, it is FEI legal and will not produce a positive result during drug testing.

Without a voice our pets too often suffer in silence.
Maybe your misbehaving horse, unhappy dog or cat,  simply doesn't feel well but of course has no way of telling you.

Make EQXEL a part of your pet's healthy diet, they will thank you for it!

We are looking for EQXEL Associates across Canada and US, contact us for your opportunity!
About Activated Charcoal and why your pet needs EQXEL
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